We’ve all had those nights where drunken sex with a witch in a blood pentagram under a full moon on the roof of your favourite Johannesburg nightclub summons a hard-drinking demon who changes the fate of the human race forever.



Just me, then?

Follow this page for decadent twisted tales of mystery, music, magick & mayhem.

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The stories so far

Dancing in Valhalla – 13 twisted tales of music, magick, mayhem & murder.

Burning Roses – a decadent tale of sex, drugs, rock n roll & magick.

Hard Money – how to build wealth without winning the lottery. Non-fiction.

Anthology of Snippets – short short almost-stories. Flash fiction.

Fiddlesticks – a radio play. Because I like a challenge.

Tales from the Crying Room – expanded version of the above two digital books, plus some new short stories. Available in digital and paperback format.

Book of Faces – short psychological thriller.

Paperbacks available from –

♠ Me – send me a message/email.

Curiosity shop, Railways Cafe in Pretoria.

BookDealers of Rivonia in Rivonia.

East Rand Children’s Haven, Merchandise Charity Shop, 5 Muriel Brand Street, Weltevreden 118-IR, Brakpan.



Review of Burning Roses


There’s dark, and there’s twisted. Then there’s Burning Roses…

Brilliant first novel. Sex magick rituals in nightclubs. Ancient demons in the mosh pit. Dozens of easter eggs, hilarious subtle references to song lyrics and dead musicians, that had me snorting coffee out my nose.

If this is how people lived in the 80s, I’m surprised anyone survived. But I’m glad they did. And that they came back to tell us how.

Can’t wait for another book from this dude.

Review of Dancing in Valhalla


Oh my. He’s not joking – very twisted and vengeful and even sad (the teenagers in Johannesburg).
I’m always happy to read South African writers’ books. Good to see them anywhere!
The title is very interesting. Valhalla is a suburbish place near Pretoria, South Africa. And heaven to Nordic mythology. And hell, in this book.
My favourite story is Dancing in Valhalla, and it took me back many years with the slang of the 80’s. I haven’t heard “china” “bra” and “check me” for a very long time!
I found this story of love and drugs and teenagers trying to survive their bad choices incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time.
Please Mr West, write a novella like this?
The devil’s disciplinary is quite unique, and I thoroughly enjoyed the revenge of the dessert. Overall a good read if you like twisted with bits of reality and horror thrown in for good measure.

Other reviews – across all books – can be found here –




Book Post Mortem

Amazon – Burning Roses

Amazon – Dancing in Valhalla

newspaper article covering one of our book fairs

interview with Yours Truly

♠ another one

♠ and here is a short video introducing my books.

9780620833035 – Dancing in Valhalla local paperback

9780620713276 – Burning Roses local paperback

9780620846110 – Hard Money local paperback

9780639824802 – Tales from the Crying Room local paperback

9780620882026 – Let Sleeping Gods Lie local paperback

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