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They kicked straight into “The Boogie Mansion”, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. I left my companions discussing the new world order and made my way to the front of the stage, taking a position next to the drummer. No fancy drum kits for these guys. Just a simple two drum set, which was more than enough for … Continue reading Psychobilly


I showed him a finger. Then reconsidered and showed him two. “Has this got anything to do with that bullshit earlier, about Satanic sacrifices?” I asked. “Are you involved?” “Not this time, believe it or not.” He looked sincere. “None of my crowd even know the details. But whatever it is, it’s big. Sounds like … Continue reading Sacrifice

Urban Assault

The set was intense. I threw myself into it, starting a thrash session that saw some of the younger crowd stagger back away from the front line, dizzy and looking for air. The older regulars took their place, relishing a chance to cut loose and push the limits. After the first few songs, jackets and … Continue reading Urban Assault

That had been the plan. Kill them all.

Blood pooled at our feet. The stink of death filled the air. Now that it was over, and the adrenaline was draining from my body, I felt numb. And strangely turned on. Which couldn’t be normal. “We should go.” The Beast pushed himself upright. Stretched his shoulders back. Thumped his chest. “Ah, that’s better.” I … Continue reading That had been the plan. Kill them all.

Snippets of Snippets

Maybe the sound is inside my head. Sometimes the voices are quiet long enough for me to hear other noises. Screams. Cries of pain. And laughter. The laughter is the worst. ♠ “Pulchritudinous?” she asked. “No thanks, I’ll just have a hot chocolate.” Her eyebrows rose. “I see. One of those days, is it?” “Well, … Continue reading Snippets of Snippets

Give me the facts

“Give me the facts,” the policeman demanded. Typical policeman. Obsessed by the black and white. Things he could see and touch. Things he could understand. But nothing about this could be understood. Not by any rational mind. I shrugged. “You were there,” I said. “You saw it.” He shook his head. His conservative view of … Continue reading Give me the facts

I spoke to Michael. It was wonderful.

At least, I thought so. Maybe Michael didn’t feel the same. It was hard to tell with Michael. His eyes were animated during the conversation. He kept turning his head this way and that, distracted by every little sound, whether real or imaginary. But the rest of his body language was conflicted. Difficult to read. … Continue reading I spoke to Michael. It was wonderful.

As You Sow

“How do you plead?” “Not guilty, Your Honour.” His Honour sat back in his chair, absently stroking his long white beard. The figure before him held his gaze. There was no defiance in that look. Nor arrogance. The accused stood relaxed, arms at his sides, feet comfortably apart. His head inside the hoodie was neither … Continue reading As You Sow

Fellow Travellers

The squeal of brakes. The scream of metal pushed way beyond its limits. The other car pulls sharply to the left, the driver’s face distorted in a rictus of pain or anger. You slam your foot on the accelerator, leaping ahead and edging past as he tries desperately to bring his vehicle back onto the … Continue reading Fellow Travellers

Burning Roses alternative prologue – never published

The hammer missed me by inches. I could smell its coating of grease and sweat, momentarily masking the stench of burning brake pads. She swung again, this time taking out the passenger window as I stepped aside. Hey, it wasn’t my car. And I don’t hit girls. Her boyfriend, though, that was another matter entirely. … Continue reading Burning Roses alternative prologue – never published