We’ve all had those nights where drunken sex with a witch in a blood pentagram under a full moon on the roof of your favourite Johannesburg nightclub summons a hard-drinking demon who changes the fate of the human race forever. Right? No? Just me, then? ⛥♠⛥ Follow this page for decadent twisted tales of mystery, … Continue reading ♠⛥Welcome⛥♠

($) Numbers of the beast ($)

You do the math. The price of your daily cappuccino, times 4 (assuming you miss the odd day), times 40 (weeks), times 5 (years – conservatively). Or use 20 years instead of 5, to get an idea of how these small daily habits can add up over a lifetime. That total should equate to a … Continue reading ($) Numbers of the beast ($)

♠ It’s a raid ♠

“I haven’t lost this many operatives since we shut down that concert in the early days of lockdown.” He nudged Connor. “You remember that one? Just you and me left standing at the end of it.” Connor remembered. “Who would have guessed Post Malone fans would put up that kind of a fight?” Noecker laughed. … Continue reading ♠ It’s a raid ♠

($) Bad reputation ($)

Ever wonder why Nicolas Cage works so hard? He has earned more than $150 million during his career, and reputedly made $40 million in 2009 alone. But at one point he owed $14 million in back taxes, which he vowed to pay back in full. Hence his busy schedule. Don’t be like Nicolas Cage. When … Continue reading ($) Bad reputation ($)

♠ Come fly with me ♠

Then they were on the rooftop, with lots of hugging and mumbling and female fingers pointing in his direction and nodding and shaking of heads. “You bringing in a chopper?” Noecker scanned the horizon before he replied, eyes narrowed against the night air. “Can’t you tell what’s going to happen, sonny?” The old man almost … Continue reading ♠ Come fly with me ♠

($) Breaking the lawyers ($)

I’m not saying you should resign at the drop of a hat whenever things don’t go your way. But if you’re pouring your heart and soul into your work, day after day, doing everything right, and it’s still not working, then eventually you will have to consider doing the same thing somewhere else. Let’s see… … Continue reading ($) Breaking the lawyers ($)

♠ The Clairvoyant ♠

Three head shots in quick succession fuelled Connor’s blood lust. The fourth stood and caught a bullet in the shoulder, dropping his gun. Connor finished him with a shot to the chest. Noecker finished the cops on his side equally swiftly. “Is she with you?” Noecker called to his colleagues at the end of the … Continue reading ♠ The Clairvoyant ♠

($) Games without frontiers ($)

Forget about your ego. This isn’t about who’s the better person. Play the game. That’s all it is. A game. With rules, and elements of luck. Opportunities and challenges. Learn the rules, look for the opportunities, and play to win. If you want to get ahead, be promoted, earn a bigger bonus – focus on … Continue reading ($) Games without frontiers ($)

♠ The Prisoner ♠

Connor peered over the low brick wall surrounding the roof and saw an armoured RG-12 Nyala and two police BMW’s, doors open, four officers crouching behind them, weapons trained on the blown garage doors. “Twenty at the most. Maybe less if they were thinking of taking prisoners.” Connor knew the love of the police for … Continue reading ♠ The Prisoner ♠

($) Nag ($)

Stay focused. Don’t let social media distract you. Distractions cause mistakes. You’ll look bad. You’ll feel worse. And you’ll have to do it again, properly. Don’t spend hours on your phone, surfing the internet, or having long chats around the coffee machine. Don’t dream about your weekend plans, or what you’re having for lunch. Don’t … Continue reading ($) Nag ($)

♠ God was never on your side ♠

“Stop killing my men, you idiot!” yelled Noecker. “Don’t you realize we’re on the same side?” I’ll never be on your side. “Listen to him, for God’s sake,” pleaded Francina. I’ll never be on her side, either. Noecker looked at his watch. “Fifteen minutes.” “We have to go back inside. We can’t leave her.” Francina … Continue reading ♠ God was never on your side ♠