Welcome to my site. Enter a dark underworld where rock stars and ancient demons collide. Follow this page for decadent tales of music, magick & mayhem. And some tips on how to manage your finances. You can find the published versions at Books2read.com (listing most online resellers) or on Amazon. I'll keep this site - and my Facebook page - updated … Continue reading Welcome


If you want blood

Then another body entered my sights. Damien had moved to intercept the insect, had reached out easily and had taken away its stinger. The bug spun around, not knowing which way to run, or even where to look. It seemed to decide that the madman with the loaded gun was a greater threat than the … Continue reading If you want blood

By demons be driven

Morag was handcuffed to a chair in the middle of the back room. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she sported a beautiful bruise across her cheekbone, spreading into a discolouration around her left eye. She barely looked up as we entered. Through the red mist that appeared in front of me, I saw Michael … Continue reading By demons be driven

Revenge is sweet

I reached out and picked up my neighbour’s glass from the bar, full of some exotic looking cocktail. Before he even noticed that it had moved, the glass was tilted above his head and the sticky drink was no longer inside it. I could see each individual drop as they splashed off his thinning hair … Continue reading Revenge is sweet

Beer drinkers & hell raisers

Right, so the girl had disappeared. No problem. Girls come and go all the time. Fish in the sea. So what? There was no point looking for her. If she’d decided to do a runner, that was her decision. For whatever reason. Nothing much anyone could do about it. I certainly wasn’t going to run … Continue reading Beer drinkers & hell raisers

Smells like teen spirit

Clouds. Cotton wool. A comfortable numbness. That pleasant warm swirling sensation, like you’re back in the womb. Such a wonderful feeling. Then the killjoy drudges of reality have to ruin it by making their presence felt. Voices in the distance. Cold, hard floor pressed against your skin. The incessant buzzing of Beelzebub’s minions as they … Continue reading Smells like teen spirit

Werewolves of London

On this night, while mist prowled through the village, and rain beat down on the roof of the police station, thirteen men stood in a circle about the altar, their hands raised above their heads, their heads flung back in supplication. For these were the chosen ones. They had worked towards this night, preparing themselves … Continue reading Werewolves of London

Dirty deeds

Only a week past, there had been two rather disturbing occurrences in Wilton. First, there had been the two dead cows. No cause for alarm, certainly, although Tam Denny, the farmer who had owned the beasts, had been understandably upset. What had gotten to the villagers was the fact that both cows had been drained … Continue reading Dirty deeds


Mist crawled along the main street, concealing puddles made by the incessant rain. Swirling tendrils drifted off into side streets, making their way silently, like messengers from another world. The mist flowed outward as it went, ever expanding, now bubbling and rolling as if it were a living thing, now spreading evenly like a river … Continue reading Prologue

Shaken, not stirred

Downstairs, Morag was sipping on a bottle of vodka she must have found somewhere in her search. Another bottle dangled from her free hand. “Want some?” she offered, shooting daggers at my companion as she looked her up and down. Before either of us could reply, a door opened behind her and a Horseman took … Continue reading Shaken, not stirred

Dragons & Spells

It was the girl in the picture. The one I’d been asked to look out for. But the picture had shown a kid in a school uniform, her hair tied up in a pony. Might even have been in black and white. What I saw in front of me was much more than some schoolgirl … Continue reading Dragons & Spells