We’ve all had those nights where drunken sex with a witch in a blood pentagram under a full moon on the roof of your favourite Johannesburg nightclub summons a hard-drinking demon who changes the fate of the human race forever. Right? No? Just me, then? ♠ Follow this page for decadent twisted tales of mystery, … Continue reading Welcome

Bang your head


The front of the stage was a solid mass of hair as a dozen heads banged in time to the beat. Further back, more bodies pushed and bounced against one another, surging back and forth as the rhythm took control. The band ripped through the first half of the cover, playing it faster than anyone … Continue reading Bang your head

Urban Assault


Noddy was at the bar, deep in conversation with Janine, when the music on the hi-fi twanged off and out. Dirk had been trying to butt into the conversation, which Noddy thought was extremely rude. His comments of “Oi! Go outside if you’re going to do that!” and “You dirty sod! There’s people trying to … Continue reading Urban Assault

Fly on the wall


“At which point I started to lose interest in following this line of inquiry, make out? But Mick’s moved off up the street, he’s a safe distance away, and he shouts ‘Well, ye are a bloody bitch!’ And you can guess how it went after that.” Noddy had heard the story before, from another of … Continue reading Fly on the wall

My way


Noddy raised his mug for another sip. Valhalla regulars had their own skull beer mugs, kept behind the bar and clearly marked with the non de plume Dirk had assigned when he christened them a regular. Although sometimes bottles had to be used instead, when these were being disinfected. “Next thing, the club empties. Must … Continue reading My way

Born to raise hell


“So there we are,” said Dirk, “the five of us, coming out of the Horny Dragon, around three in the morning. I’d picked Mick up outside the prison, and we drove straight to Hillbrow to let the celebrations begin. It was Mick’s idea to go to this place, after everywhere else had shut or kicked … Continue reading Born to raise hell

Intensive care


It was her turn to laugh. “Don’t know if Mick would let that happen. Not after that night he kicked you out for selling acid in his club.” Noddy stopped dead. “You were the one selling acid.” “Well, yes. Technically. But he thought you were the mastermind behind it, didn’t he? Nobody ever stood up … Continue reading Intensive care

Word on the street

Melville's literary community is coming back to life after lockdown. Check out this touching article about Shorty The Melville Poet and my man Innocent. https://violetisonline.com/2020/06/02/word-on-the-street/

Love hurts


"How are things with Janine?” she asked. “Are you guys still disgustingly romantical?” Noddy laughed as she scratched the air with black-painted fingernails. “I dunno,” he shrugged. “It isn’t easy. You know what I’m like with relationships.” “Hell, yeah, I remember. But at least we were best mates before. I sometimes miss those days, before … Continue reading Love hurts

Science fiction meets mythology

What happens when mankind ventures out into space and encounters ancient gods who would really rather be left alone? I wrote this during lockdown, in response to Zombie Pirate Publishing's second annual one week writing challenge. And, yes, it was indeed a challenge. But I'm happy with the result. You guys will get to read … Continue reading Science fiction meets mythology

Black hole sun


Morag had had a handful of jobs since leaving her adopted parents’ home at the tender age of sixteen with only bruises, bad memories and the clothes on her back. Waitress, barmaid, photographic model, and her latest attempt – exotic dancer. None of them seemed to last very long. She was a beautiful mess, bright … Continue reading Black hole sun